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Cob: Cob Homes in Canada?

Shannon C. Dealy dealy at
Wed Aug 6 10:32:51 PDT 2003

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Dawn Demers wrote:

> Hello there!  I am a Canadian living in the province of Ontario. I have
> become very interested in the cob home and would like to know if anyone has
> attempted building one anywhere in Canada or specifically in Ontario?  If so
>  I'd like to know how you got past the building codes and difficulties you
> came across in the building.  My father, who built two homes single-handedly

I don't know anything about permit issues related to this building, but
Cob Cottage Company did do a building in Ontario a few years back, the
walls were a cob/strawbale "sandwich", I don't remember much about the
location except that it was affiliated with a project involving Patch
Adams, and a quick web search came up with this:

   Rainbow Valley Community Health Centre in Killaloe, Ontario, Canada

It may be worth pursuing further for someone in the area. I suppose
you could also just give Cob Cottage Company a call for the specific

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