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[Cob] smallest house design / kitchen appliances

David Knowlton pilot1ab80 at
Fri Oct 24 10:04:21 PDT 2003

compact machines cost more, and parts are pricier - supply and demand - 
are made. in the south it is traditional to build the kitchen separate from 
the house.
it keeps the house cooler, and if the kitchen catches fire, and they do, you 
lose the whole house.

you might check out some boat or camper designs. the contractor that redid 
the kitchen
in my 750 sq. bungalow was a genius. big appliances, no wasted space. plenty 
of counter
space. he used software.

you could also pick up a pencil and decide what you can't live without. then 
from scratch.


>From: "Jilly" <JILLPRUETT at>
>To: <coblist at>
>Subject: [Cob] smallest house design / kitchen appliances
>Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 08:34:39 -0700
>In an attempt to plan the smallest cob house possible, per the advice of 
>the cob-building books I have, I am having trouble with the design. Most, 
>if not all the houses that I see, both online and off, don't have a 
>bathroom or a place for a washer/dryer, much less a refrigerator. Any 
>resource suggestions?
>I am now reviewing floor-plans for apartments, especially the ones in New 
>York, as they are the ones that get as much use out of the smallest space 
>Most of these incorporate a very small kitchen. They use a "compact" 
>kitchen unit. Like those found here:
>What do you think? Is it worth the saving the space vs. using full sized 
>appliances? Would you miss the occasional cookie baking or canning of 
>seasonal fruit? I do have an electric roaster big enough for a turkey...
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