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[Cob] cob sink

Taylor Publishing-DirtCheapBuilder tms at
Mon Nov 17 15:06:34 PST 2003

 OH.....I forgot to mention on the cob bathtub subject that making a 
 lime-clay mix CAN produce a very durable waterproof basin.  I made a 
paper- clay- lime bird bath bowl 3 years ago, and it holds water all 
winter, and has not seriously eroded.

it has no sealer or protection, and sits in the garden all year. I was 
shocked at how  well it stood up, and will leave it there until it 
finally fails.

It was a high lime mix with just a little sand, shredded office paper, 
and  high content sticky local clay.   As most of you know lime and clay 
can make a Roman cement, the clay acts as a pozzolan to bind with the 
lime to make a  natural cement.

on the bathtub idea, hydraulic lime is ALL imported into the US now, 
 and if it is used as a tub inner plaster it should be polished to keep 
 it as smooth as possible. I have samples of this lime from the  
Transmineral rep. and sitting on a rough texture in a tub will not feel 
good.  It can be made very smooth, but on bare skin you will still want 
a rubber mat to  sit on I think.

and lastly, on some of my fibercrete recipes I use a lighterweight 
paper-sawdust "core" to make a bowl, and cob-lime coating  OVER it, to 
keep weight down of the finished piece.
this could be true for a tub or basin also.

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