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[Cob] Cheap Land with no building restrictions

Abe Connally abe at
Mon Jun 28 12:22:51 PDT 2004

No one enforces any sort of code out here.

If you have less than 10 acres, there would be septic issues, but that does not
apply to this land.  You should see some of the house people buid out here!

There is no inspection for electricty, but they do perform a survey to run the

I am not sure what mortage would be needed.  I say, for only $8,000, you could
own 40 big acres.  Who needs the mortage?


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The question for me would be, what if I needed to sell and someone wanted to
buy the house and property, but needed a mortgage to do so?  Lenders might
well want some sort of inspection, refuse to lend at all or only go for much
less than the asking price if it didn't pass their standards.

Friends here decided to finish their house after four years, needed to hire
people to do a lot of the work, therefore needed a mortgage.  All the
companies that were interested in making the loan wanted a lot of things
done or redone--wiring and plumbing were the big systems I think--before
they would consider money for the roof and walls.  Had to come up to utility
company inspection on the electricity even though they were never planning
to be anything except solar with a generator backup.

And the minimum of electrical inspection is required here if you want
mains--or grid--electricity.

Pat Newberry on the current thread about building codes:
Not sure about Texas, but in Georgia there are no state building codes,
thus if there are no local building code, there are no building codes.

When I built my house there were no building code, but now the county
has building codes but I am "grandfathered" in so at least I am safe.

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