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[Cob] RE: Coblist Digest, Vol 3, Issue 46_ to Dorethy regarding bees in wall

Bob & Lorraine farmlink at
Tue Jun 21 01:39:42 PDT 2005

To Dorethy regarding bees in her wall:  I don't know if USA bees act in
the same way as bees in Australia, but if they do, you will have new
swarms of bees trying to move in every season once you've got rid of the
old lot - if you don't get rid of the bee smell.  The scout bees can
smell that other bees have made their home there, are attracted, and let
the swarm know that they've found a suitable place to move into.  You
need to remove all honeycomb, honey and anything else to do with the
bees, then use warm soapy water or something similar to wash away every
trace of bee smell if you want your walls to remain bee free.  Maybe
once you've washed the walls well you could spray something herbal over
the walls to change their smell altogether.
Lorraine, Kangaroo Island, South Aus