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[Cob] RE: Coblist Digest, Vol 3, Issue 46_ to Dorethy regarding bees in wall

yew yewberry at
Tue Jun 21 08:47:33 PDT 2005

Lorraine wrote:

 >To Dorethy regarding bees in her wall:
 >I don't know if USA bees act in the same
 >way as bees in Australia, but if they do,
 >you will have new swarms of bees trying to
 >move in every season once you've got rid
 >of the old lot - if you don't get rid of
 >the bee smell.

I *think* (and correct me if I'm wrong, folks) people are talking just 
about *mason* bees.  These don't swarm, or form hives at all (one of 
their common names is the "solitary mason bee").  All they really do is 
create (or colonize) small holes where they lay their eggs: