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[Cob] window pains

Tys Sniffen tys at
Wed Jan 2 21:22:13 CST 2008

I haven't tried this yet, so it's not worth much, but I once saw an article
about a guy who made his own double pane windows (with wood frames) 


He had a tube running into the gap between the glass (just flush with the
frame, not snaking in, of course) that was attached to a balloon filled with
silicate/dessicant. like the stuff that comes in shoe boxes in the little
packet that says 'do not eat'.  Apparently for this guy, that stuff kept the
humidity down between the glass so that he didn't have fog issues.  Over
time, I think the dissicant goes bad, and he had a plate that he could
unscrew and replace it with new stuff. 


With this in mind, I went to a shoe store near my grocery store and asked
them to collect the little packets for me, instead of throwing them away.  I
got about 3 shoe boxes full in a month before I told them that was enough. 


I probably won't build double panes, but I do keep the boxes in my sheds.
maybe they help with the humidity.