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[Cob] double pane windows

Ray Cirino cobanation at
Thu Jan 3 15:46:04 CST 2008

Dear Double pains,
  I have a major window and door manufacturer near my shop that gives me drop off sticks for my rocket stoves. I go thru their dumpster and always find new factory assembled double pain window and door pains. I would think if there is a big city remodeling like LA. you could find tons of windows in all shapes and sizes. I'm starting a cob playhouse in Venice,CA this winter that will be all double pain from that same dumpster. If I start collecting them I'll make it worth anyones wild, just pay for shipping and handling.

Henry Raduazo <raduazo at> wrote:
  I tried to enclose a double pane window in cob and almost got away 
with it. Realizing that cob shrinks when it dries, I put one inche of 
crushable foam around the sides, top and bottom. I should have also 
put a layer of foam across the face of the glass where the arch 
enclosed it. The outer pain broke but the inner pane held. I ended up 
with a single pane window despite the best laid plans.
On Jan 2, 2008, at 9:07 AM, Patrick Newberry wrote:

> So you don't mean "store" bought double pane windows, but just two 
> panes embedded in the cob?
> I also live in Georgia. I have single pane window embedded in the 
> cob and on cold days like today there is a fair amount of 
> condensation on the windows. But then here in Middle Georgia, the 
> winters are pretty short.
> Pat
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> ark, and professionals built the Titanic.
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>> I'd like to put free form windows in my cob cottage. I want to double
>> pane them, but was wondering about condensation buildup in between
>> the panes (like in a broken sliding glass door). I'm in Georgia,
>> which is very humid.
>> Damon
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