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[Cob] January 2008 Newsletter

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Wed Jan 23 14:58:10 CST 2008

Quail Springs' January 2008 Newsletter


"Hands and Hearts" Skill Builder Series
This series of workshops focus on various hands-on skills, taught by the
Quail Springs teaching 
team and special guest teachers, all with the intention of using our hands
and hearts to 
regenerate healthy community life, meet our human needs, and honor the
natural world.  

Spinning and Felting 
with Andrea Bratt Frick, professional fiber artist
March 6 - 7, Thursday and Friday

Building a Cob Oven and Baking Bread 
with Quail Springs' teaching team
May 24-25, Saturday and Sunday 

Moccasins and Leather Work
with Warren Brush, co-founder of Quail Springs
October 4-5, Saturday and Sunday

$100 for each 2 day Skill Builder workshop, includes camping.  
Register for the entire "Hands and Hearts" series for 2008 for $275 !  
Optional materials fee may apply for each workshop.  Meals will be organized
Contact info at for more information or to register.  

Spring Gardening Service Learning Weekend 
April 26-27, Saturday and Sunday - FREE

Join Quail Springs as we plant and prepare our gardens this spring!  This is
also a time for 
interested people to receive a tour of the site and learn about site design,
and enjoy the 
company of community.  This event is free of cost, with community potluck
meals and camping 
nearby.  All ages are welcome and no experience is needed.  RSVP to
info at to 
receive current gate combos, potluck ideas, and tools/materials to bring.  

Permaculture Design Certification course with Geoff Lawton
August 16-27, 2008 

We're happy to host our third Permaculture Design Certification course at
Quail Springs, and 
welcome back one of the world's top permaculture teachers, Geoff Lawton.
For more about Geoff 
Lawton, visit .  

Tuition with early registration discounts for deposits sent by respective
dates:  $1,200 (May 16).  
$1350 (July 1).   $1450 (after July 1).  Deposit is $400.  Limited
case-by-case work trade and 
payment plans, please inquire early.   

Complete registration information for the course will be available in
Contact info at  now to join the interest list.

Permaculture is a holistic approach to land use design, based on ecological
principles and 
patterns. It aims to create stable, productive systems that provide for
human needs, 
harmoniously integrating the land with people.  This world-recognized,
72-hour course provides 
an introduction to Permaculture as set forth by movement founders Bill
Mollison and David 
Holmgren.  This course covers sustainable living systems - with everything
from food systems, 
water harvesting, waste cycling, home design, to climate care, and much more
- for a wide variety 
of landscapes and climates.  Graduates of this 72 hour Permaculture Design
Certification course 
(PDC) will receive a Certificate in Permaculture Design. See
to learn more about 
the Certification, and options for continuing study to earn the Diploma.  

Southwest Drylands &  Southern California Permaculture Convergence - with 
Keynote Speaker, Geoff Lawton
August 29 - September 1, 2008  

Co-sponsored by Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, Quail Springs, and
others.  More info 
coming soon!  Contact info at to join the interest list.   

Advanced Permaculture Workshop - with Geoff Lawton and Brad Lancaster
September 2-3, 2008  

This 2 day advanced workshop will offer on the ground opportunity to learn
and work with Geoff 
and Brad.  For more about Geoff Lawton, visit   For
more about Brad 
Lancaster, visit More info coming soon!  
Contact info at to join the interest list.   

EcoNest workshops 2008
The beginning stages of the EcoNest will involve workshops in which
builders, home owners, or 
other interested folks will work with the EcoNest team in a series of two
workshops that give the 
participant a solid foundation in understanding this unique system of
sustainable building.  
Dates and cost are TBA.  If you would like to be on an initial interest
contact list, please email 
info at  


Winter Natural Building Intern Position has been filled!  See below if
you're interested 
in an internship later in the year.  

Interested Interns please inquire for 2008.
We're developing a dynamic intern program that will include focused skill
building along with 
service learning for the coming year.  More information and applications
will be available in 
February 2008 for internships running from March/April through
October/November.  Contact 
Kolmi at info at if you're interested.  
Skill building opportunities will include natural building, permaculture
design, food systems, 
gardening, aquaculture, watershed restoration, animal husbandry, fund
development, and 
more.  Experience and training is not needed, although this is a great
opportunity to further 
experience and education in all aspects of farm and permaculture site

Available for purchase.  Quail Springs, An Experiment in Permaculture

Quail Springs, An Experiment in Permaculture, by Joss Jaffe, serves as an
important research 
and development tool supporting permaculture design and the long term vision
of Quail 
Springs.  If you are interested in purchasing the book, please let us know
info at  The cost of this full color book with CD is $30, or
$10 for the CD only, 
plus $5 shipping.  

Reminder to Quail Springs' friends, family, interns and other guests.

As of January 1, 2008, the gate codes with be changing regularly.
Therefore, you will need to 
contact us for the current code even if you have been here many times
before.  We are doing this 
to help maintain good relationship with the private landowner who we share
the road with and   
It is critical that each and every vehicle coming to Quail Springs strictly
observes the 10 MPH 
speed limit on the private road, as well as all traffic laws and normal
driving rules.  Thank you 
for understanding and helping!    

Quail Springs is a project of the True Nature Society, a community supported
profit organization.

Please consider giving a financial or in-kind donation to help us continue
important services to the community.

To make a donation online, visit 
Or send in your contribution to PO Box 417, New Cuyama, CA 93254.   Thank

Kolmi Majumdar
info at

Quail Springs Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm