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[Cob] Cob workshop

Ariane Cap arianecap at
Mon Feb 4 14:44:35 CST 2008

Hi all, 

I am called to help build some structures (classrooms, sleeping rooms etc)
in a large Tennessee property in April. These structures will be used for
workshops on music (instrument workshops, band workshops) and nature
(teachings in the tradition of Tom Brown). I know that the owner of the
grounds is very much  into cobb. Am wondering if any on this list are
looking for grounds to practice or even do a workshop? (Maybe a completely
false assumption on my part, if so please disregard!    what you provide in
skill and labor has a lot of value, which I don't want to diminish in any
I on my part would be eager to learn.

If anyone is into helping build, organizing a group to do it etc., that
would be wonderful. The owner of the grounds is a well-known musician, who
has done a lot for his students, so there will be plenty of helpers, as well
as jams going on. All of this is on a volunteer, pro bono basis.

Again, do hope my request is not out of line. Looking for ways to support
the folks there. Please email me offlist for more info
arianecap at