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[Cob] Radiant heat in earthen floors

Barbara Roemiller roemiller at
Fri Feb 8 19:22:04 CST 2008


I don't have more details, but will check into it.  Another friend
with an earthen floor used too much beeswax in the floor finish: to
remedy the stickiness, she had to go over the whole thing with a
propane torch, inch by inch, sopping up and driving in the excess wax.
 Hers came to my mind when I learned that Rob's floor hydronics
weren't in use because, as my neighbor described it, "they sort of
liquify when they get warm."  I'll take your questions to him and see
what I can find out.

My earthen floor has no hydronics in it, and it's in an unheated part
of our tiny little cabin (the woodstove is what we have for heating).
the floor is wonderfully cool in our warm summers, and it's warmer
than the uninsulated concrete under the rest (it's just a renovated
garage, sited very badly, not too much insulation, and probably no
vapor barrier under the slab), but that's not saying much in the