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[Cob] woolcrete

Devon Strong foureaglesfarm at
Wed Feb 27 10:33:52 CST 2008

I have a freind who also shears sheep, and we have a lot of wool donated through the season,(5-10k lbs) he used his to make a woolcrete studio, it was massive tripledome in chickenwire over a nice wooden floor with framed windows, I think he lost a lot of insulative properties with the concrete mix but it globbed together and stuck well, tangled fibers over framework with concrete, this was greasy wool straight off the sheep, and it smelled just like wet greasy  wool for a long time it took to dry(three weeks) greasy wool doesn't have much problem with insects and in a wall I have used plastic bags of wool for insulation to hold it in place and make it unavailable to insects, just don't let the rodents in, they would love it, (another reason to make cob) I will use wool in my cob mix as that is what I have, but hair (dog,deer,cow)worked better as a sticking agent in practice, just alittle(shy handful) in a five gallon bucket of slip for plastering with manure really made it
 stick to haybales. wool just gobbed up(too long) anyone need raw wool, find a shearer. prices are too low for small flocks to market.

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