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[Cob] earthquake test video

Ian Marcuse dtebb at
Tue Apr 1 03:17:33 CDT 2008

Dear Cobbers,

Finally after many years (we have been rather busy), we have some 
video footage up on our website showing our cob model undergoing 
siesmic testing at the University of British Columbia. It was an 
important test, the only such test done as far as we know on cob 
(though some testing on earthen structures was supposedly done in 
Iran, though we have no confirmation of this).

The model was finally inflicted with a 2 g force shake, over 9 on the 
richter and did break apart, though much of the structure was still 
standing, which in a quake of this magnitude is very good as most 
buildings would collapse.
Scroll down to cob siesmic test video