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[Cob] Building materials

Damon Howell dhowell at
Tue May 13 10:14:23 CDT 2008

As Kristi points out, it's ridiculous, guys, to bicker about such  
things as where to get building materials. Step back and listen to  
yourselves. Sounds just like your trying to control a market, which  
is what cobbers used to be against. Keeping your mind open to all  
possibilities becomes harder when you feel other people are trying to  
out do you. But look at the big picture here, we're not creating an  
enterprise to make money, we're learning build more responsibly.  
Ecological building is about being modest, and not wreaking havoc on  
the eco-system. Think about if we had to use pure clay with no  
impurities. Most of us would be doomed because pure clay is hard to  
come by in nature. But if we keep putting restrictions on each other,  
we'll find we haven't progressed at all. Just stop telling other  
people what to do! That's exactly what we're all trying to get away  


"Wow, I never dreamed our little art guild bench and mini house would  
cause such a stir!...let's not be so exclusive that we end up  
creating more destruction..." - From: Kristi Shapla  
<kristishapla at>