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[Cob] To tiller or not to tiller

Henry Raduazo raduazo at
Thu May 15 16:16:57 CDT 2008

Window cob straw is often chopped very fine as is straw for finish  
plaster. If you use a lot of straw you will have much more tensile  
strength than you need.
On May 15, 2008, at 4:45 PM, Mitch Ventura wrote:

> Thank-you all for your input on the roto-tiller. I was wondering,  
> however, that if the straw is chopped-up (to avoid becoming tangled  
> in the tiller's tines) would that not mean less overall strength?  
> As I understand it, the cobs are "integrated" into eachother by the  
> straw fibers meshing when a rod is used to push holes into them,  
> but this effect should be reduced as the fibers become shorter. Am  
> open to any thoughts.
>   Ma'a salama.
>   Mitch
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