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[Cob] Quebec Earth Oven book to d/l free

Dirtcheapbuilder-Charmaine tms at
Thu May 22 14:22:45 CDT 2008

  This great book went out of print a few years ago, I used to sell 
them, very popular,  and the style of oven is still   in use especially 
.in Canada.

You can  now download the book to read for free thanks to the  
publishers, and I wanted to SHARE this  option to have access to a 
great how to.

enjoy!  <<<  READ 

  "The Bread Ovens of Quebec"  by Lise Boily and Jean-Francois Blanchette
  This is a thorough study of the traditions that arose around bread 
baking in the rural areas of Quebec up until the middle of this century 
with a focus on the unique clay ovens that were ubiquitious in that 
state. Detailed building instructions and excellent photographs 
throughout. A most inspiring book relating bread baking to the local 
ecology, economy and community in a way that is lost to industrial 
society. This book tugs at our hearts and points the way back.

  Ottawa: National Museum of Man  BOILY, Lise, and Jean-François 
Blanchette. 1979.  119 p.  The paper version is out of print
  Acknowledgements, viii (3.8 MB)      Introduction, 1 (1.5 MB)
							  	 Chapter I
  The Ovens, 9 (5.5 MB) Outdoor Ovens, 12  Indoor Ovens, 28
  The Various Uses of the Oven, 28  Tables, 32  Typological 
Considerations, 38  The Oven Builders, 40
								     Chapter II
  The Construction of a Clay Bread Oven beside the Rivière à Mars, 45 
(8.2 MB)
  Base, 48    Hearth, 48   Doors, 48     Framework, 51       Dome, 54    
   Shelter, 58      Drying and Firing the Oven, 58
  									 Chapter III
  The Bread, 73 (2.3 MB)        Grains and Flours, 76  Leavening Agents, 
80  Preparing the Dough, 84  Preparing the Oven, 86  Placing the Bread 
in the Oven, 87  Removing the Bread from the Oven, 91  Types of Bread, 
92  Consumption, 92
  								   Chapter IV
  The Oral Tradition, 95 (11.3 MB)  Popular Sayings and Expressions, 97  
Songs, 100       Stories and Legends, 101
  Popular Beliefs, Spells, Incantations, and Omens, 102
  Conclusion, 105 (0.76 MB)      Notes, 107  The Informants, 112         
  Bibliography, 115 (2.7 MB)

PS I just watched an old 1930's ( 40's?) movie "Johnny Belinda", about 
a deaf mute girl in Canada, the opening scene shows a woman taking 
bread from a Quebec style earth and stone bread oven,   just like the 
ones shown in the book.

Charmaine Taylor Publishing
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Charmaine Taylor Publishing
10th Year $10. book Sale on 100+ books/dvds
Tel:  1-707-441-1632 PST
PO Box 375 Cutten CA 95534