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[Cob] interior wall ?

sarah doron sarahdoron at
Tue Jun 3 17:58:22 CDT 2008

It's all hard woods  so no treatment nec., took me over a month to locate and drag out all the trees from virtual jungle. They had fallen from a hurricane 12 years back  and no-ne locally had had the means to get them out... we stripped the bark and a lot of the tree back until we got to the heart . They're amazing , like cement almost , I have to pre-drill to even put a nail in them. Anything else I've used was soaked in boric acid ... amazing stuff ... just to get back on suject does anyone have tips for keeping termites out of cob ? They don't eat it but travel within to get to any yummy wood that wasn't treated well enough . Thanks , Sarah.

--- On Tue, 6/3/08, jimmy carlisle <nascarsix66 at> wrote:

From: jimmy carlisle <nascarsix66 at>
Subject: Re: [Cob] interior wall ?
To: "sarah doron" <sarahdoron at>
Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 5:18 PM

Thanks for the pics,great inspiration..  I like the way you did your roof.  I take it oyu used trees that were debarked, did you coat them with anything?
  Once again thanks.

sarah doron <sarahdoron at> wrote:

Hey Jimmy , I live in Mexico where we get a few tremors here and there so I locked all my interior walls into the ground , nothing as deep as the foundations around 40 cms and I personally just used jagged rocks and the minimum amount of cement ( oh don't stone me, sorry  !!) 
I would have to say go for it , for peace of mind if nothing else . I'll try to attach a photo from way back.. good luck , Sarah.

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From: jimmy carlisle <nascarsix66 at>
Subject: [Cob] interior wall ?
To: coblist at
Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 7:39 AM

I have read most of the cob books out there and still can;t find a answer to my  question on interior walls.  Maybe I am overthinking it and making it harder  than it need be.  My question is on the interior walls, non load bearing, do  you build after the final floor is done or does it need to be on semi  foundation similair to the outside main walls.  Mainly I am wondering if I need  to do the trence and rock foundation for each interior wall or do I just build  once I finish the interior floors.      thanks  _______________________________________________  Coblist
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