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[Cob] colloquium in 2008?

Mark Piepkorn duckchow at
Wed Jun 4 04:08:33 CDT 2008

Bill C mentioned the one in NY...

At 12:49 AM 6/4/2008, Kindra Welch wrote:

>Texas will not host another colloquium for several years... its a lot of
>energy these big events!  We loved every mintue of it, and every person that
>came out, and are definately hoping to have the priviledge to host all you
>beautiful talented people again in 3-4 years. Peace!  Kindra
>Message: 4
>Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 12:03:38 -0500
>From: "Cary Hocker" <chocker at>
>Subject: Re: [Cob] [organic_architecture] Kerrville Natural Building
>         Colloquium writeup
>Does anyone know if this event will be repeated in 2008?
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