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[Cob] end newbies tothe right list-WAS: containers-straw

Charmaine Taylor dirtcheapbuilderbooks at
Fri Jun 27 14:05:58 CDT 2008

Lets not just BOOT people off for asking a non related questions (
containes with straw insulation,etc)

Why not take a moment to send them to the right list and encourage
natural  & alternative building?
 not just make them  feel ashamed they asked the wrong question of THIS group.

Vist them, free, and see if  there  is information you seek.
strawbale, gas & fuels,bio fuels, green building & others
Welcome to organic architecture-natural building and retrofitting.
This list is about building and retrofitting using super cheap natural
materials and recycled ones. This  list is a catch-all list to deal
with all kinds of building materials : adobe, cob, papercrete,
sawdust, reeds,  stone, sawdust/concrete, straw, cordwood, earthbags,
tire walls, straw bales, poles, bamboo, thatch, turf,  and the
recycling of materials like cardboard, rail road ties, used power
poles, glass bottles, steel,

Straw bale, greenbuilding, bio energy and stoves groups are here

Description Suncured earthen adobe bricks not the software used for
home and large building construction. Mainly a  forum for
owner-builders worldwide to exchange ideas, techniques, inspiration
and support.
also visit, site founder and adobe rammed earth expert
Description This list is about alternate construction styles like log,
straw bale, earth, rock, old tires, tents or many  "found" materials.
If you are a construction purist you won't like this list. I hope we
can cover things on  this list like they used to in the "Mother Earth
News" of many many years ago. It should relate to houses,  barns, root
cellars and other structures with leanings toward homesteading.
EARTHBAG Description

HTTP://WWW.FERROCEMENT.NET       Open discussion group on domes,
balloon firms cement, concrete pumping and all building with cement.

 RELATED:  << a nice commercial site, by Garrett
Connelly, with ferrocement water tank  building information

lastly the "papercreters at"  group is going
Ms. Charmaine  Taylor/ Taylor Publishing
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