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[Cob] cob vs adobe

Leslie Moyer Unschooler at
Fri Jun 27 15:09:18 CDT 2008


IMO, there are only a couple reasons to use adobe instead of cob:

1. It is pre-made by someone else / mass-produced / labor-saving for you 
/ quick to install.
2. If you have to make the cob in one geographic location and move it to 
another location (more than "people" distance apart) for your application.
3. If you have the opportunity to make adobe at one time when your use 
is further distant in TIME.  (i.e. a renter who is stockpiling adobe for 
an eventual home)

Otherwise, I don't think there is any advantage to using adobe in the 
application you gave and I think there are probably disadvantages to 
it.  Cob will, sculpturally, be a lot more flexible.  However, there's 
no reason that you can't mix the two (and I think there are probably 
advantages to doing it this way--drying time will probably be less, for 


Maggie Henry wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience using both? Recommend one over the other? I
> have read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on dealing with cob oven
> construction. I found the Sunset Adobe Oven project directions and because I
> want a Quebec-style was hook immediately because of not needing to build the
> form. (The alder branch form from the Bread Ovens of Quebec looked
> daunting!)
>  I didn't really read the materials list on the Sunset oven and it was news
> to me when someone posted "don't use portland cement"  Cement? That's not in
> Kiko's book. So I actually read the entire project article. Sent me off
> researching adobe.  My new question is which is better? Longer lasting? Can
> I just cob over the form? Has anyone actually built one of these. I am
> determined to get this done this summer!
> Thanks in Advance for all your help!
> Maggie
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