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[Cob] Upcoming Mud Slinging Parties and more

Quail Springs info at
Sun Jul 6 12:26:53 CDT 2008

Quail Springs Learning Oasis




Upcoming Work Parties!

Weekend Mud Slinging.....


Quail Springs is excited to host our third annual and sold-out Permaculture
Design Course (PDC), and the First Annual So Cal Permaculture Convergence,
this August.  To accommodate the fifty students and attendees, we are
excited to build a simple yet large teaching area that will be made with a
process called "fence cob" over the next 5 weeks preceding the PDC.  This
structure will also serve as a milling area once we begin to build our
EcoNest - Core Mentoring Center in the coming year.  


We need your HELP to build this Classroom and Converging space! Come and cob
during our three weekend work parties over the next month. 


Weekend #1: July 18, 19, 20

Weekend #2 July 25, 26, 27

Weekend #3 August 1, 2, 3


If you have never cobbed before, come and learn, if you have some experience
cobbing, come and share your wealth (and mud) with others.  Join us and camp
on the land, bring your families, work clothes, potluck foods, and music
instruments.  Please RSVP to info at for each weekend you wish
to participate.

We are also looking for old doors, windows, wood for bucks and 6x6x10 gauge
steel wire fencing or something similar for the project.  Please let us know
right away if you have any of these materials to donate as we need them
before the work weekends begin.    Thank you!



"Home for Us to Grow" Campaign


The Quail Springs "Home for Us to Grow" Capital Campaign is in its
preliminary formation stage, but that we are looking for able and energetic
Quail Springs' friends and supporters who have the time to help with it to
contact us.  We are not yet asking for general contributions for this
effort, but we would like the opportunity in the near future (in the next
few months)  to be able to sit down in person with each and every one of you
to further explain the campaign and how you might be able to help us in that
effort.  Please contact Jan Smith, at  <mailto:jan at>
jan at if you are interested.  



Living Building Committee

This fall, we will be pioneering regulatory changes to allow for us to
construct buildings that are ecologically equitable, have no toxicity, and
use natural materials.  Some of the people involved in "green building"
movement recognize that there is need for a higher standard of
sustainability and are introducing a new standard to the building industry
called the "living building" designation.  We are looking for people to work
with us on a committee in organizing several big events this October that
will be instrumental in informing professionals, politicians and the public
about the issues of why we need to create living buildings here in Southern
California and beyond. If you are interested, please contact our director,
Warren Brush, at  <mailto:w at> w at  



Permaculture Design Course and So Cal Permaculture Convergence

The  <> Permaculture Design Course and
<> So Cal Permaculture Convergence
are full, a positive reflection of the growing popularity and value for
permaculture in our region.  We will continue to offer one or more Design
Courses every year.  The Convergence will hopefully become an annual event
hosted by diverse groups in Southern California.  Click on the links above
to learn more. 



Support our Efforts at Quail Springs

with a monthly donation of $5 or more, please.  For every $25 or more in
monthly commitments, we will plant a tree in our next
planting-weather-window in your honor.  We need your generous financial
support today!  Donate Here Now!
<>   Thank You.







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