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[Cob] electrical wiring

Ocean Liff-Anderson ocean at
Wed Jul 9 14:30:20 CDT 2008

We used UF (meant for burial in earth, which is what we did!).  It's  
waterproof and will keep your wires safe while the cob is drying.

Conduit is a pain, lots of money, and in my mind unnecessary.  Only  
risk in not using a conduit would be nailing a picture hanger into  
the wire if it's buried under a shallow plaster layer.  Of course,  
conduit would let you pull extra circuits if you decided you needed  
more power for something...

On Jul 9, 2008, at 11:14 AM, Pack McKibben wrote:

> I've got a question for the group. So far all of my cob  
> construction has been without any
> electrical wiring.  Now I have a 14' diameter room that is going to  
> be wired for electricity.  Have y'all used regular wire, or  
> underground wire?  My electrician wants to use UG wire.  The wire  
> will be embedded in the final plaster.  Think I ought to use any  
> conduit?  Wasn't planning on using conduit, but could.  thanks
> pack
> Toccoa, Ga.
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