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[Cob] poplar use and chicken feathers

yolande delport yolande.delport at
Thu Jul 24 03:40:44 CDT 2008

Hallo to you all!

First of all thank you to all of you  for such a splendid site brimming with
very helpful info. I certainly feel confident with 'hand sculptured house'
under my arm, and all you generous folk at a click of a button, to embark on
our first cobbing adventure.
Please indulge me on the following:
First is the use of poplar (nigra) for roof structure. The first building
(100sqm) will have a corrugated metal roof and the second (60sqm) a living
green roof, using local vegetation (still deciding on choice). Poplar trees
are becoming invasive in our part of the world (eastern cape, South Africa)
and our neighbour has invited us to the use of his trees.
I understand it is a soft wood, but have seen them being used in local
structures and as fencing poles.  Their bitter juices also seem to keep
little creatures naturally at bay.  And if it is possible to use do i debark
them first or can they be used as is.
Will appreciate your feedback most certainly.
Then about chicken feathers. In our area is a lady who build her first
mudhouse 5 years ago and lacking straw she use chicken feathers from local
chicken farm.....Have any of you tried this before?

Looking forward to hear from you
Kindest regards and happy building