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[Cob] oven cracks

Monica Proulx at
Thu Jul 24 20:49:36 CDT 2008

Thanks to all who sent answers on and off list about a very dry subject,
preventing cob oven cracks. Some timely suggestions arrived via email hours
before I needed it!  Several mentioned Kiko's book, which we have been
using.  I was sure that there was more out there on the subject though, and
haven't been disappointed.  I want a "perfect" oven (not entirely out of
vanity).  A large chunk of chimney from our existing oven looks like it
could fall off, and I worry about all the little people that come into our
yard.  These ovens attract folks, especially when we are baking.

I have to agree with Yolande that there are many good hearted and helpful
people using this forum!  Since I don't have much experience, I am a taker
and not a giver here, sorry (I feel bad about that).  So I really appreciate
all who take the time to stick their neck out and give advice.  .