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[Cob] cob/straw bale sandwich wall

Jaanus Viese jaanus.viese at
Fri Jul 25 02:11:26 CDT 2008

   I would connect strawbales and fill the bales joints with cob (not
   throw the balewall, only edges - beacause of coldbridges). Then I put
   inside ca 15 cm cob (6 inches) and outside clay and lime plaster
   (directly to the strawbale). This method will insure that the whole
   wall is monolithic and load bearing. When you put strawbale wall and
   cob wall - then you have two walls, that play very differently. But
   cob in bale joints give strength and the wall seems to me like cob
   Building order depends of how many builders you have and how quikly
   wall dry. When you have a lot wet cob, you can build strawbale part
   and cob part together. Usually bales rise quiker beacause you have to
   wait cob drying during rainy day.
   I studied this cob/strawbale hybrid method from Ianto Evans. I have
   used it many times, it works.
   Jaanus from Estonia
   Riik vassib ametnike arvu tegelikust kordi väiksemaks