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[Cob] straw in cob or concrete?

Ocean Liff-Anderson ocean at
Thu Aug 14 13:39:05 CDT 2008

Have you ever gotten concrete on your hands?  It is highly caustic,  
dissolving all carbon straw doesn't have a chance!   
Concrete guys will throw in bags of loose poly-fibers (plastic) which  
are supposed to prevent cracking in slabs...

But rebar even doesn't hold out forever, because concrete acts as a  
wick, drawing whatever moisture hits it straight in - rusting the  
rebar and causing collapses of bridges, etc...Now they coat the rebar  
with epoxy or plastic, then pour the concrete over it.

Ocean at FireWorks Restaurant

ps:  Check out (our next benefit for the  
local food bank)

On Aug 14, 2008, at 11:13 AM, Damon Howell wrote:

> Good Day everyone,
> 	This is kind of off the subject of cob but, maybe someone has done
> it anyway. If straw is to cob as rebar is to concrete, why wouldn't
> using straw in concrete work? I have a little concrete work to do
> where I'm going to try that, unless that seems like a bad idea.
> Damon
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