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[Cob] October Cob workshop

Bernhard Masterson bernhard_masterson at
Mon Aug 25 13:49:40 CDT 2008

Hi all,
    Before the rains really settle in here in the Pacific Northwest I wanted to 
get in one more cob workshop.  

Cob Basics and Beyond
October 10-13, Roseburg, Oregon

This will be a fun extended weekend of hands on instruction covering 
materials, mixing, wall construction, doors and windows.  Discussions 
and lectures will address: design, utilities, roofing, floors, and plasters.  
We will also feature mixing cob with a tractor as an option for larger projects. 
Wholesome meals, on-site camping, and a great time will be provided. 
Cost: $360, discounts available 
Contact Bernhard at 503-929-8583 or bernhard_masterson at 
P.O. Box 1836, Estacada, OR 97023 
Trained as a sculptor and educator, Bernhard Masterson has taught art and natural 
building for the last eight years. Skilled in hybrid cob and straw bale construction, living 
roofs, Rocket stoves, earth ovens, Rumford fireplaces, composting toilets, and water 
management, he leads a variety of workshops, projects, and artist residencies. 
Bernhard is a positive and insightful teacher who derives true satisfaction from 
empowering others to pursue their visions. Bernhard’s stunning cob cottage was 
featured in Oregon Home Magazine’s 2007 Green Living edition

____________________________________bernhard_masterson at

Natural building instruction and consultation
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