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[Cob] Wattle and Daub versus Cob

Barbara Roemer roemiller4 at
Thu Sep 4 14:16:25 CDT 2008

> Shannon wrote:

> I'm by no means an expert in wattle and daub though I have done some, but
> here is my take for a very coarse comparison:
>                             Cob        Wattle and Daub
>                            ----------  ------------------
> Labor                       High            Moderate
> Build time                  Long            Short
> Water                       Lots            Some
> Straw                       Lots            Some
> Sticks/wattle               None            Lots
> Compressive strength        High            Low
> Tensile strength            Moderate        Moderate to high
> Building life               Long            Moderate to low
> These are of course heavily dependent on the techniques used, the
> materials at hand and other factors.  SNIP

Labor & building time for cob can be cut waaayyyy down with the use of
forms, and further still with the use of mechanical mixing.