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[Cob] cracks in plaster

Jill Hogan jill.hogan at
Wed Sep 17 13:00:38 CDT 2008

Hi Bob
Wemix all the sand clay and lime together, no presoaking and we mix it with our feet on tarps like we make cob. Seems to work best
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  From: Bob Smolen 
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  Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 9:41 PM
  Subject: [Cob] cracks in plaster

  Thanks Jill and Ron for your thoughtful comments.
  I reinspected the wall and there are only a couple of very minor cracks in the last lime/sand only layer. I am pleased.
  The earlier coatings were probably too clay rich as you suggest. I will experiment with a less clay mixture.
  I mix the lime and sand and clay at the same time. Is it necessary to soak the lime in water for days before mixing. My last coating seem ok so I believe presoak is not necessary. Can you comment on how you have done your plaster mix?
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