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[Cob] Living roof and (a somewhat steep) pitch - methods to help soil from sliding off?

Brian Liloia evacindustry at
Fri Sep 19 10:30:33 CDT 2008

I just finished constructing my reciprocal roof frame. (A reciprocal roof is
a self-supporting, spiraling, conical structure with poles that all bear the
weight of one another at the top of the frame.) I am concerned that my pitch
is a little steeper than is common for living roofs. I do not know the
angle, but you can get an idea of the pitch from this photo: - (I may borrow a scribe
to calculate the angle later.)

Does anyone have an recommendations for preventing soil from sliding off of
one's roof? I know of the method of nailing 2x4s across the roof to act as
steps, but I'm looking for something that might be even more effective and
efficient. I am not excited about nailing lots of 2x4s across my decking.


- Brian

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