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[Cob] Brian's living roof Q

Charmaine Taylor dirtcheapbuilderbooks at
Fri Sep 19 15:02:48 CDT 2008

 Hi Brian, yeah, NOT  having a  multi-deca-hedron circle of  short
2x4s is a good idea.

I have seen the large  plastic, round drain hoses cut the entire
length  and slid onto the lip edge of the roof for a smooth circle.
if the roof  lip is thick then taking a 2" or so strip from the entire
length of the hose will help it slide over the edge easier, ( makes a
'C'  shape).

go to an appliance or big hardware  store and look at all the ROUND
shaped hoses and connectors, baffles and   drain systems and think
outside the box for using those possibly: heating ducts, commercial
drain hoses, etc can do the trick.

Using folded over hardware cloth, several 4' + long pieces to make a
light wire mesh  baffle can also work, lining it with  thin Lexan
strips ( offcuts from a local shop, and considered waste) can be slid
into the mesh  to hold small dirt but allow water to run thu  and off.

Also cutting long wide strips from large plastic soap or kitty litter
containers gives you a   stiff  but bendable insert too.

I will email you the chapter   by Rob Roy from his  book on
underground houses, that tells how to build.  and a pic I have of the
small demo shed  with the  plastic hose  edge at the Solar Living
Center in Ukaih

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