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[Cob] Fw: Living roof and (a somewhat steep) pitch - methods to helpsoil from sliding off?

Nancy Striniste nstriniste at
Fri Sep 19 14:18:38 CDT 2008

> I've done a few sloping green roofs using modular trays.  The trays, like 
> the plastic flats that pots of plants come in at nurseries, are nested one 
> inside another with a layer of landscape fabric between to hold the 
> growing medium in but let water through. They are about 2' x 2' and are a 
> little floppy so they would probably, when full, conform pretty well to 
> the curve of your roof.  Around the bottom perimeter of the roof you 
> attach what is called a gravel stop-- this is a little deeper than the 
> trays (which are about 2.5" deep) -- made of metal with holes in it to let 
> water drain out. You can add another 1/2 - 1" of growing medium on top to 
> hide the seams of the plastic trays, then plant your sedums, sempervivums, 
> etc.  Or, I've planted the trays on the ground, then put them in place, 
> then sprinkled more growing medium around to cover the seams.  All this of 
> course is built on top of a proper foundation of rubber membranes, root 
> barrier, insulation, and water retention layers.
> Good luck.  Your house is very cool!
> Nancy
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> From: "Brian Liloia" <evacindustry at>
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> Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 11:30 AM
> Subject: [Cob] Living roof and (a somewhat steep) pitch - methods to help 
> soil from sliding off?
>>I just finished constructing my reciprocal roof frame. (A reciprocal roof 
>> a self-supporting, spiraling, conical structure with poles that all bear 
>> the
>> weight of one another at the top of the frame.) I am concerned that my 
>> pitch
>> is a little steeper than is common for living roofs. I do not know the
>> angle, but you can get an idea of the pitch from this photo:
>> - (I may borrow a 
>> scribe
>> to calculate the angle later.)
>> Does anyone have an recommendations for preventing soil from sliding off 
>> of
>> one's roof? I know of the method of nailing 2x4s across the roof to act 
>> as
>> steps, but I'm looking for something that might be even more effective 
>> and
>> efficient. I am not excited about nailing lots of 2x4s across my decking.
>> Thanks!
>> - Brian
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