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[Cob] Living roof

Dean Sherwin costman at
Mon Sep 22 09:35:29 CDT 2008

Good question, though your roof does not look too desperately 
steep.  Seems like there should be some kind of grid that could be 
laid up there.  If you do not come up with anything else, there is 
Living Walls, the planting grids are available from various sources 
but do not seem cheap
Dean Sherwin

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>    1. Living roof and (a somewhat steep) pitch - methods to help
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>         help    soil from sliding off?
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>I just finished constructing my reciprocal roof frame. (A reciprocal roof is
>a self-supporting, spiraling, conical structure with poles that all bear the
>weight of one another at the top of the frame.) I am concerned that my pitch
>is a little steeper than is common for living roofs. I do not know the
>angle, but you can get an idea of the pitch from this photo:
> - (I may borrow a scribe
>to calculate the angle later.)
>Does anyone have an recommendations for preventing soil from sliding off of
>one's roof? I know of the method of nailing 2x4s across the roof to act as
>steps, but I'm looking for something that might be even more effective and
>efficient. I am not excited about nailing lots of 2x4s across my decking.
>- Brian
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>and this is the Year of Mud
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