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[Cob] most important video

Dean Sherwin costman at
Sun Sep 28 17:14:43 CDT 2008

the link you gave to/from Marcola's page did not work for me but here 
is the You-tube URL:
Came across these videos quite by chance, the math is simple and the 
message is chilling.
Not sure of the relevance to cob except that yes indeed many 
resources will run out frighteningly fast.  Plus looking at videos of 
the mayhem that people forecast (as a result of the financial 
meltdown more than resource poverty), perhaps the bullet proof nature 
of cob should give us assurance.

At 03:00 PM 9/25/2008, coblist-request at wrote:

>Exponential growth is a little understood phenomena that is at the
>heart of why Evans, Smith and Smiley, [ The Hand Sculpted House ] and
>many others started advocating building with cob. The link below has
>everything [and nothing] to do with why cob and other  earth building
>technologies are good for us for the earth. There are eight 9 minute
>video segments of A physics professor explaining the effects of
>exponential growth,  over varying,  relatively short periods, on
>consumption, production, population, fossil fuel use etc. The simple
>math with which he lays out the future will change the way you think
>about the holy grail of Amerika, GROWTH! It is not theory, it is math
>using widely published figures from universally accepted sources. The
>"most important video" part is a bit off putting till you listen to a
>few minutes of the first video. Be sure not to skip the second one.
>The financial news lately just makes this information all the more
>important and relevant.

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