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[Cob] Cob in Jackson County, NC

ddenmark3 at ddenmark3 at
Fri Nov 21 15:30:55 CST 2008

Hello all,

I have been off list for quite a while, finishing a degree at university.

I just heard at school that there is a lady building a cob house in Jackson
County, North Carolina and it is permitted by local building permit office.

I am hoping she is on this list, Hello, are you out there?

And if she is not, well, it is good news for North Carolina cobbers. The
person who told me about this said the permit office is working with the
lady to write some code for cob building and that as far as he knows she has
a cement foundation but the cob mix is straight cob and they have not
required her to put any cement or other type of "reinforcement" which we all
know is really not reinforcement but rather a bad thing.

So I am really excited about this news and hope to find this wonderful lady
and see her project.

Since I have been off list, perhaps there has been discussion about this
already so I apologize if this is redundant news.

Deborah Denmark
ddenmark3 at