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[Cob] Coblist Digest, Vol 6, Issue 162

tippensfrogs at tippensfrogs at
Sun Nov 23 18:28:27 CST 2008

Regarding cobbing directly onto a wood stove:  My husband and I cobbed directly onto our old Fisher stove.  The fireplace and mantle were destroyed by the previous owners, but due to high costs of oil heat, we took an old Fisher stove that our neighbors had stored in their barn for years.  It kept of warm, but was very inefficient.  

After taking the cob and rocket stove class at Cob Cottage, we decided to cob in the stove and fireplace.  We put the cob directly on the old stove and reshaped the fireplace and mantle.  We now have a delightfully warm cob bench that can get too hot on the back.  The fireplace is much more efficient that it was before and we are burning considerably less would.  We did check under the house to make sure that the weight of cob could be handled.

We do have definite cracks, but have contributed it to not allowing the cob to completely dry before we built a fire in the stove.  We did the cobbing during the summer of 2007 and added the bench in the summer of 2008 and are noticing some rust on the stove.  So far it is not a major problem and since the stove was free and we have two more free ones in the garage, we are not too concerned.    

You can see our stove and other cobbing projects at


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