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[Cob] Cob over wood

The Roots lifelovers at
Wed Dec 3 10:03:53 CST 2008

   After doing a bit of reading last night we have decided that the best
   route might be to just start from scratch and use the older house for
   supplies for the newer one.  The older home has 1"x6" pine on every
   wall and ceiling and 1"x6" tongue and groove for the floor.  This
   house has 7 bedrooms, dining, living and kitchen and all of the walls
   are the same (most covered up by old wallpaper).  We will also be
   building cob cottages as we are creating an untraditional bed and
   breakfast.  The amount of wood that we can recover from the house will
   be an ample supply of lumber for nearly everything we want to do.  It
   will actually be quicker and more efficient building from scratch than
   remodeling the older home and we will save many trees in the process.
   One of the main factors that has helped in our decision is the fact
   that currently the roof overhang is only about 6" and after adding cob
   the whole roof would need to be rebuilt to give the home some
   protection as we live in the Pacific Northwest.  Would like to thank
   everyone for you kind and intelligent responses.  Sincerely,
   The Root Family
   Ray Cirino wrote:

   Yes it is necessary in fire zones just by putting chicken wire or 1x2"
   Good luck,
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     Subject: [Cob] Cob over wood
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     Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 7:19 PM
We have a large two story home that is in need of some serious exterior
and interior renovation.  It is an older farmhouse with wood on both the
exterior and interior.  Is it possible to cob over the exterior and even
possibly apply a thin layer of cob over the interior walls as well?
Thanks in advance for all of your


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