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[Cob] permitted cob

Dean Sherwin costman at
Thu Dec 4 17:35:59 CST 2008

Googling on the phrase, I came up with this reference
Of course it must be easier to get code approval in New Mexico and 
the other states that agreed to add the code (forget if BOCA or the 
UBC) chapter on Adobe building to allowable construction methods - 
Colorado, maybe California.  A lot of hard work was put into that 
effort by the adobe folks, and cob should be able to "build" on it.
Dean Sherwin

>         Few days back someone asked about the couple who built a permitted
>cob home in North Carolina. I found it on the newspaper's website
>when they ran it and saved a copy of the pdf. If you'd like to have a
>copy, I can send the file to you. Just email me directly.
>North Georgia
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