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[Cob] NC permitted cob house

Dulane silkworm at
Sat Dec 6 14:12:11 CST 2008

Please let us know if you locate her and she wants to share in her process.
It does seem like she'd be on our list already.

But hey...that pdf from the Hren's is wonderful, too. Shame about that
Nansulate. I have played with perlite in cob, and it really crumbles. I
wonder if it loses its insulative properties.  

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I was the one who was asking. 

The house I am asking about is in JACKSON COUNTY, NC which is in the western
part of the state, in the mountains, where I live. It is not finished, it is
in process and the county building inspectors are working with the woman who
is building it to write code for cob for our county.
(that is what I was told by a guy at school)

I may need to go to the building inspectors office to find this woman and
her house. I was hoping she was in the group.



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