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[Cob] Framing doors and windows

Janet Standeford j.standeford at
Thu Dec 18 13:58:16 CST 2008

Please help me find a site that describes the proper way to frame doors and
windows and also has specs and pictures.

My Civil Engineer is not able to find what he needs on this and is getting

Here is what he wrote:

Still trying to find some information. Its hard to get anything on this. No
one is willing to commit on proper structural design methods. As soon as I
get the info I need I can proceed.
Something to keep in mind - It will take close to 4200 cubic feet of cob to
do the house. That's 156 yards of material. That's a lot. It would be
equivalent to about 20 full dump trucks of material. 
The foundation is pretty simple but the wood framing that is required is
where I have questions. If I could see an example of how its been done I can
use that. I couldn't find anything on the websites you sent. I have already
spent a lot of time researching this. I could have had the drawings done in
the time I have spent researching this.
Any other ideas? 

I need to get back to him really soon on this. The reason for so much
material is my location on a mountaintop and the walls will be 5 feet thick
with everything built into them to save on floor space and add character. I
will sacrifice a little on this if necessary but I really need the
insulation value. The last two nights were -15 and -29 and tonight is
supposed to be -13.


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