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[Cob] GERMAN house rant on passive

Charmaine Taylor dirtcheapbuilderbooks at
Wed Dec 31 14:44:59 CST 2008

well the thing is I don't know of many homes being built here in the
USA that have no heat source other than the walls, do you?

It IS sad that what is old is new again every so many years, but like
others have pointed out, building inspectors fight against using some
of these ideas and old ways since they are not in the "code"    that
is what I would rant about.

the media will always be stupid.. in fact I just about lost it a few
days ago when yet ANOTHER  stupid news story on straw bale homes began
with the words.. "The big bad wolf"

 I will know we have progressed as a country when  that phrase is no
longer used... talk about trite and overdone... that's what gripes me
it has been OVER a decade, and this  'wolf' will not die, or the pigs
with him.

In TV I have seen solid   reporters show judgement and opinion when a
storey is presented on eco-building   often they scoff or laugh or
show by facial expressions- " gee what nut would live like that? " and
they smarmily grin at the camera... what happened to straight forward
reporting, without bias? .. so it is again the media  who get to twist
the perception on the   story before people have a chance to judge for
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