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Cob: Insulation

Keftydia at Keftydia at
Sun Jul 18 19:02:25 PDT 1999

Regarding cob homes in cooler northern climates, I'm no expert, but I suspect 
the only viable solution (unless a way to properly insulate cob can be 
determined) is a cob-strawbale hybrid, most likely with exterior walls of 
strawbale and interior walls of cob.  This is certainly not a new idea and it 
has been stated on the list before, but I do think it's probably the best 

I have a problem to the contrary.  Here in hot, humid South Carolina (USA), I 
question whether cob is a good choice for building.  We routinely reach 
temperatures in the upper 90's a good portion of the year.  I know cob's 
property of balancing high-low temperatures, but I suspect overall the 
ambient temperature would become a bit too high for comfort.  I wouldn't want 
to construct a cob home only to find I had created a large-scale solar oven.

Ideally, I'd to hear from folks who live in cob homes in warmer climates and 
find out what their experiences have been.