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[Cob] Exterior insulation

Robert Alcock ralcock at
Wed Jan 2 08:17:41 CST 2008

Ed, I'd be really keen to look at those pictures of Ianto's work. When 
you say "support surface," do you mean that he's building a half-width 
straw bale wall first, then plastering it with cob? or is the cob wall 
built first? Is the cob wall load-bearing, independently of the straw 
bale? I'm looking at externally-insulated cob wall systems for our house 
in N Spain that we're starting in the spring (we hope).

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> Jesse,  Ianto is now using a system where he adds two strings to a two string bale, then chainsaws the bales apart to form two thin bales which he uses as a support surface for building cob. I have pictures, but I am no home so I can't send them.
>             I am planning on trying a paper/clay system this summer or as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. I will start by soaking bundles of newspaper in a pit for a week or two and then rototilling them into pulp and adding a little clay with my cheap front tine tiller. I will then attempt to build up a 4 inch thick layer of paper/clay on an existing cob wall, possibly using dead-man strips imbedded in the paper/clay.
>              The paper/clay will then be given a color finish of some sort perhaps lime putty or a colored paper/clay. I am very fond of a red clay from a friends farm in VA.
> Ed
> ---- Leslie Moyer <Unschooler at> wrote: 
>> jwellman at wrote:
>>>    On a different note, what ideas have people considered for
>>>    exterior-to-COB insulation?