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[Cob] beginner

Georgie Donais georgie at
Fri Jan 4 07:11:53 CST 2008

Beth (and Alessandra),

Welcome to the wonderful world of earthen building. I would suggest 
that the first thing you do is get your hands on the book "The 
Handsculpted House" by Ianto Evans, Linda Smiley and Michael Smith. 
It will give you a broad overview of the philosophy of natural 
building and house raising, and then goes into specifics about actual building.

If you can get to a course or workshop to get you some experience, 
that would be great. If you can't though, don't let that stop you. I 
built some pretty cool structures (a fireplace; an oven; and an 
entire courtyard in a public park where I led 500 others in its 
creation) with the above-mentioned book, plus Kiko Denzer's "How to 
build your own earthen oven", and Becky Bee's "The Cob Builder's 
Handbook". Once you get going, you'll find this list and others can 
offer you some support as well.

Lots of luck!