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[Cob] beginner

Alessandra alecaprara at
Sat Jan 5 10:37:44 CST 2008

Thanks Beth and everyone... I don´t feel so lonely now! 
  I´m waiting for my books. It must arrive in Jan 17th (my birthday anyway...).Then I´ll send you many many questions because I want to build my house with cob mainly. I hope to get it!
  Any brazilian there besides me or someone that live in a tropical country? 
  A Hug!

Beth Reese <beth.reese218 at> escreveu:
  *I´m Alessandra from Brazil, veterinary student and always think about the
> best way to live an environmental balance. I want to learn about cob because
> it looks like a good building technique.
> *

> I want to tag on to Alessandra's question. I am fairly new to cob (just
> dabbled in some small structures with kids in a schoolyard) and I now want
> to learn much more because I would love to build a 2-room artist cottage out
> of cob (or straw bale- what's the difference?). we just bought 20 acres of
> farm land on a river in West Virginia and I plan to have my own little
> cottage retreat across the stream from the main house.
I have time to read up a little and contact experts but I don't know where
to begin.

How can you advise beginners like Alessandra and me. So many of you are
experts and I admit I get lost in some of the technical conversations of
I'm excited to build a structure with my own hands- a livable shelter- and
hope to involve lots of friends and family in its evolution.

thanks! any advice would be greatly appreciated. AND photos of small
dwellings would be most inspirational (whimsical, simple, but not dark- I
need light!) -Beth

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