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[Cob] beginner starting withlots of stone

Devon Strong foureaglesfarm at
Sun Feb 3 15:37:12 CST 2008

 I have a homestead in N calif with mostly clay soil, fields cleared of stone piled up where I want to build. I started a stone wall mortared with cob and wonder if that is a tried and true design factor? For my sheep barn I figure it can't hurt to try, but it is a lot of effort and what should I look out for? I hope to make a major effort at construction this year and want to design my main home/cluster around this  material.(plenty of it) nearby washed creek sand and also neigbors raising wheat and grain for straw.  I have 80 acres with 140 leased pasture(no trees) , good well adn power from grid, I will check archives but am asking for advice to startwith. health and help, Devon
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