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[Cob] beginner starting withlots of stone

Shody Ryon qi4u at
Sun Feb 3 20:01:57 CST 2008

Hi Devon,
I have not built with cob myself and someone who has
will likely give their point of view. I would say if
it has asphalt emulsion in it and some sort of lime
plaster out side to waterproof it then it may work
well. Cob is usually covered with a roof with a
overhang, to give it a head start in fending off
water. if you can build a test wall and see what
happens over time, that would help, but hopefully
someone can give more info than that obvious pointer.
--- Devon Strong <foureaglesfarm at> wrote:

> I started a stone wall mortared with cob
> and wonder if that is a tried and true design
> factor?

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