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[Cob] thank you cobbers, beginning with lots of stone.

Devon Strong foureaglesfarm at
Thu Feb 7 19:56:52 CST 2008

I think I will try slipform stemwalls with lots of stone and a hybred strawbale/cob exterior with cob interior, kitchen hydro heated floor under tile with earth floor in low trafic areas. lots of manzanita insets/ lintels.  with at least three structures, a bedroom first, then a dining/arts area, and finally a larger indoor kitchen/living area over the root cellar. I use a greywater system adn composting toilets even though I had to put in a septic system that may be revised as a rainwater catchment storage(never used septic) so far I put in well(140gpm) and fencing/corrals, temp power and shop, hay barn and temp mobile, so am set  with the animals and gardens until I get settled in housing. at least the animals are happy and the garden does well. more later, health and help.
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