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[Cob] Cob in LA area

Ray Cirino cobanation at
Tue Feb 19 00:18:11 CST 2008

 Unique Urban Cob Building Work Party  
 Los Angeles Sat and Sun March 8  – 9, 2008
 About cob It is a technique for building structures using clay, straw and sand. It won't rot, can't burn down and bugs won't eat it. Earth is one of the oldest building materials on the planet and still the most common.
 Currently, cob is enjoying a revival of interest where many have led the way in researching and teaching this healthy, easy to learn, environmentally sustainable technology.
 Sculpt your own raised veggie beds using your hands and inexpensive non-toxic natural materials. No power tools or previous building experience required. You will find a cool late winter workshop the perfect time to engage sculpting with Cob. We intend to make tremendous organized progress in this practical and condensed 2 day workshop. 
 Cob workshops are for gaining experience, and we have lots to share. Newbie’s are encouraged to ask questions during work party's progress...for more info contact us at L.A at to hold your place and to receive announcements surrounding this event.. 
 Rammed Earth A technique where we form the cob beds using perforated metal.
 Raised beds out of Cob ? ! ? Has this been done before ? 
 Tried cob beds that incorporate Permaculture philosophy of landscape design, ecological concepts, common sense, and other ways of living more in tune with the resources of the earth.
 Our innovative trials have withstood 3 years of weathering and we are now ready to share our findings with you. 
 Ray Cirino is a natural and patient teacher who inspires us all with his extensive knowledge, skill, experience and esthetic. A creative sustainable artist, inventor, builder and permaculture practitioner who has designed hybrid stoves, street furniture and houses for over a decade. Balancing function and beauty, Ray has something new and innovative for us once again!
 What is included?
 You Can Learn In Just 2 Days How To:  * Build  with Cob, a traditional mixture of earth, water, sand and straw and an additional new secret ingredient. * Reduce labor using innovative mixing techniques* Design  using nutrient and water flow concepts*Select building materials and determine the best mixture for a given soil.  * Sculpt  a raised bed with built-in seating areas. * Evaluate natural alternatives for your own garden * Reduce  your dependency on money and ecologically harmful practices.  * Avoid costly mistakes  many novice builders make.  *Share , workshop graduates will be invited to duplicate learnings and share with others.. 
 Transit friendly Location: 
 Mid-Wilshire with its rich diversity is buzzing with activity, excitement and new developments. A lovely area to visit in March, and the location for this workshop has excellent access to public transportation ( 4 blocks from Wilshire/Western Metro Train, 1 block from major bus lines).
 SIGN ME UP ! $60 Fee includes 2 days of instruction, intensive hands-on learning. (Discounted rate of $40 for early registration & groups paying in advance) L.A at to hold your place and to receive announcements and updates surrounding this event. Do come and join us expecting to work hard, and to make lasting friendships. For all ages and abilities. Limited registration.
 Build, Create, Sculpt, GROW . 

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