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[Cob] clay slip and cloth

Jon Kerr jonskerr at
Mon Feb 25 18:12:47 CST 2008

Hi all!

Finally something I'm somewhat knowledgeable on. The clothes should  
work, provided the slip is very wet and all the fibers can get well  
coated with the clay.  Nobody minds doing it with straw, and cotton  
clothing is cellulose, which straw should be too. Wool might insulate  
better, but you'd really have to make sure moths can't get at it.  
Synthetic cloth like polyester is basically plastic. Cutting cloth  
into strips will increase its surface area, making it absorb more of  
the slip, and make it possible to pack in tighter.  For insulation  
though, you want loft, not tight-packed material. Plus you don't want  
to spend a lot of time cutting up clothes. So I'd say soak clothes  
really well and use cotton or synthetics or blends thereof.

Good luck!


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